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How to Build a Successful Data Analytics Team

PHOTO: Walter What team members do you need to build a successful data science or analytics team? This question comes up with increasing frequency as businesses introduce more data-driven processes across their organizations. For those of you outside the analytics realm, let’s demystify the multiple roles essential to a functioning team. The Data Engineer The data engineer is like a...

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Why Data Scientists Need Room to Explore

PHOTO: Vlad Tchompalov Every business feels the pressure to adopt business intelligence, but many are struggling with how and where to best incorporate data scientists and analysts into their teams. No one company has an advantage so far. But the success of a few data-driven enterprises — the Amazons, the Alibabas — suggest a path forward for those who manage to navigate...

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3 Tips When Hiring Data Scientists

PHOTO: Adam Birkett If your organization is new to data science, chances are you are dealing with more unknown unknowns than known knowns as you build your data science team.  Here are some pointers to help you make the most of data science by hiring great data science professionals. Hire Data Scientists for Passion At a basic level, hiring data scientists is...

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