david lavenda

New Consortium Looks to Humanize the Digital Workplace

PHOTO: Matthew G We face increased competition for our attention at home and in the workplace, and this is cause for concern. Increased use of addictive technology makes it hard for us to focus for extended periods of time. While this hardly news, what is new is that industry insiders are, for the first time, starting to take action to mitigate...

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What the Tech Backlash Means for Corporate America

PHOTO: Rami Al-zayat It’s not often that an organization causes a media firestorm by saying something that is both radical and obvious. But that’s exactly what the new Center for Humane Technology has accomplished.  We all know that excesses in technology consumption have been percolating for quite some time, with people literally losing their lives to their mobile devices. The National Safety...

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Facebook Admits Social Networks Can Make Us Feel Bad. Its Solution? More Social Networking

All those vacation pictures other people post can make us feel crummy when faced with the reality of our day to day lives. Facebook suggested a solution PHOTO: Alex Iby Facebook released a report earlier this month which, among other things, found a link between online interactions and improved well-being. While it would be hard to imagine the company reaching any other conclusion, the report provides an even-handed critique...

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