deb miller

How AI is Changing Customer Experience

PHOTO: Franck Veschi Our expectations for good customer experience are changing. Or are they? All we have ever really expected is to be recognized, treated respectfully and served efficiently. In the past, delivering good experiences through our customer contact centers meant hiring and training empathetic, knowledgeable and accessible agents. Today the only way to maintain this human touch is through an...

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How the Power of Simple Helps to Navigate the Buyer Journey

Ask yourself the questions "why," "who," "how" and "where" to gain a clear understanding of your buyer's motivations PHOTO: Shutterstock ID:410791111 We all agree: the world of business has become increasingly complicated, with a constant flow of new technologies, changing regulations and disruptive competitors. As marketers, we feel the burden of engaging with the inhabitants of this complex, convoluted and often highly confusing world. How can we navigate...

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