dennis shiao

Think Twice About Automating Your Marketing

Automation offers many benefits: efficiency, scale, measurability. But what does it offer your customers? PHOTO: Saundra Castaneda I first used a marketing automation platform 10 years ago. We all loved the potential of those new systems back then: We’d build large databases of the names of potential customers and use marketing automation to nurture them along until they were ready to buy. We’d segment by industry or...

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Let’s Take Stock of Stock Photography

Stock photos can be cheap and reliable. They can also be overused and uninspired. Let's take a look at some alternatives PHOTO: TeroVesalainen I buy a polo shirt with a nice pattern on it that fits me well. I wear it out a few times and receive compliments from friends and colleagues. I’m really happy about my purchase. Until I go to a dinner party and see someone...

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Drive Higher Engagement by Joining a Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are a great way to amplify your social reach PHOTO: John King With 330 million active users posting an average of 500 million tweets a day, it can be hard to get noticed on Twitter.  The most common tweets, aside from GIFs, take the form of a headline, a link and a hashtag. Ninety percent of my tweets follow this form, with the exception of when...

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