Facebook, We Need to Talk

Thirteen years ago this month, my colleague Atle Skjekkeland and I decided we needed to figure out exactly what Facebook was all about. Continue reading...

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How Indiana’s Communication Team Made Web and Social Pivots Amid COVID-19

PHOTO: Shutterstock Governments have been trying for years to improve digital properties and virtual communications. The United States Digital Services formed in 2014 to improve government websites and digital initiatives. The Federal IT Acquisition and Reform Act passed the same year. Improving customer experience with federal agencies served as a major initiative announced in 2018 from the White House (PDF).Throw in a world health pandemic, and the mandate is get better, and now. Governments...

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Where Omnichannel Experiences Get Stuck

PHOTO: Matthew Brodeur As the number and variety of channels customers use to interact with brands continues to grow, delivering an omnichannel marketing strategy has remained a priority for organizations large and small. Yet six primary sticking points stand in their way. 1. Lack of Integration “Mismatched segmentation across tools is a huge issue that silos customer data, creating an inconsistent and unreliable view of customer experiences. Platforms that don’t integrate...

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