enterprise collaboration

Boost Team Performance by Matching Collaboration Tools to Workflows

PHOTO: Nathan Nichols Collaboration tools are meant to increase team productivity. But to do that, they need to be widely used across the team and become integrated into day-to-day operations. Seems like a given, no? So it might surprise you to learn that collaboration systems and tools meant to enhance productivity might actually deter it. This happens when tools are not matched to the intrinsic or predetermined way a particular team...

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Slack Connect Opens Chat to External Companies, Intranets Back in Vogue, More News

PHOTO: Naren Morum Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield's oft-repeated ambition is to end enterprise dependency on email. In the seven years since Slack launched much has been written about whether or not Slack will succeed at that goal. Not many people believe email is going anywhere, but the release this week of Slack Connect might just take the company a step closer. With Connect, members of up to 20 organizations will...

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One Collaboration Tool to Rule Them All? Think Again

PHOTO: Robin Noguier There's been no lack of articles over the last few months about the effects of the sudden shift to remote work. And to be honest, while some lessons have undoubtedly been learned (or relearned), a lot of good practice literature was already available. Anyone looking for information on how to manage remote teams, how to promote your corporate culture via Zoom or Go To Meeting, how to support...

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