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How to Build Company Culture with Remote Teams

Work always comes with challenges from overstuffed task lists and unclear communication to office bullies and apathetic bosses. But remote work puts the spotlight on a set of specific workplace issues. In Buffer’s State of Remote Work 2019 report, remote workers said their greatest hurdle was loneliness (19%), followed by collaborating or communicating (17%) and staying motivated (8%). These findings indicate issues with teamwork and a lack of cohesive company culture...

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Key Features of a Talent Management System

Hiring, managing and retaining employees is a significant cost for most companies. According to Glassdoor, it takes 24 days to hire a new employee and costs the average U.S. employer about $4,000 per hire. The right technology can make a difference. An effective talent management system streamlines management of employees and has a dramatic impact on the bottom line. Why Do Businesses Need a Talent Management System? Talent management systems are cross-functional...

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