After Launching Firefox 59, Mozilla Pushes Firefox 60 to Developers

Three days after launching Firefox 59, Mozilla pushed Firefox 60 to developers. If you missed news about Firefox 59, don’t worry. It’s a minor release. Well, unless you are a Mac user. Then, you’ll be glad to know that Off-Main-Thread Painting, a feature already backed in Firefox 58 for Windows, is now available. What Else Is New in Firefox 59? Other than that, you’ll have to use a magnifier to find something exciting...

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Mozilla Releases Open Source Speech Recognition Engine and Voice Dataset

After launching Firefox Quantum, Mozilla continues its upward trend and releases its Open Source Speech Recognition Model and Voice Dataset. Well, Mozilla is finally back! In the past few years, technical advancements have contributed to a rapid evolution of speech interfaces and, subsequently, of speech-enabled devices powered by machine learning technologies. And thanks to Mozilla’s latest efforts, things look better than ever. Speech recognition is the key to the next generation user...

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