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Boosting Productivity in Office 365 Through AI

PHOTO: Bill Jelen Office 365 is an ever-changing ecosystem of tools designed to address all kinds of business needs. The tools and services help us stay organized, communicate, automate tasks and more. And while the existing tools can help boost productivity on their own, organizations can also customize Office 365 applications to tailor productivity enhancements to their own needs. Artificial intelligence (AI)...

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Office 365 Tools: Where to Begin

PHOTO: Jack Douglass If you are new to Office 365, you will notice very quickly that there is no shortage of tools available to you. This abundance can be exciting and overwhelming for an organization looking to roll out these tools in an organized and well-governed fashion. As a consultant, I hear this from my customers over and over. They often are...

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Outlook Remains a Viable Collaboration Tool

For good or for bad, email remains very much a part of many company's collaboration strategy. Microsoft has been updating its Outlook client to help people remain productive PHOTO: Microsoft It became clear at Microsoft Ignite that the company was doubling down on its Microsoft Teams product as the center of an Office 365 user's world. Microsoft introduced new integrations with other Office 365 components, including SharePoint,...

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