real-time collaboration

Chat Apps Are Only One Part of the Bigger Collaboration Picture

PHOTO: Love_Haight Chat apps are everywhere in the enterprise, and rightfully so. Email is inefficient, nobody (unfortunately) answers the phone anymore, and teams are looking for ways to get work done faster. Real-time messaging apps provide exactly that: a place for employees to gather quickly, seek expertise and stay connected across dozens of departments, offices and countries. But chat should only be...

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What Real-Time Collaboration Data Can Tell Us About Gender Diversity

PHOTO: Do men show an unconscious bias against women at work? Are men slower to respond to women in the workplace? Are women quick to respond because they feel they need to advance their own agendas, given that men still dominate senior management levels? The answers to those questions could reveal a dynamic in the workplace that could disadvantage women. Looking...

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Collaboration Matters Most for Front Line Workers

PHOTO: Metropolitan Transportation Authority Are you trying to decide where to start with the new collaboration tools you just acquired? Here’s a tip: don't start with you, or the other folks in the head office. Instead, seek opportunities at the front line, or out in the field. The market for enterprise collaboration tools is heating up. Many (most?) organizations are either...

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