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I Hate Building Reports…Thank God for (Try It Free and 30% off?!)

If you’re like me, your working in a team – a lot of teams! You know communication is essential for keeping things moving along smoothly. But how do you get anything done if your constantly preparing and designing reports? You need to check out In my experience, working on multiple projects with a bunch of different people, I struggle to keep everyone in the loop! It’s *really* important…but it’s the...

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Developing WordPress Sites for the Censored Web

The invention and widespread use of the internet has changed millions of lives thanks to: Unlimited information availability at the click of a button Facilitating connections through social networking sites and email The ability to start businesses without a physical storefront (or the associated expenses), empowering people to offer products and services to almost anyone in the world Allowing anyone and everyone to have a platform to share their talents, thoughts, and ideas For many,...

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Is WordPress Secure? – WPMU DEV

The question of whether or not WordPress is secure is complicated. While it’s obviously a secure enough platform for roughly a quarter of all websites around the world that are powered by WordPress, it’s not without its flaws. So, who is responsible for keeping WordPress secure? Of course, some of that responsibility ultimately falls on your shoulders. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of and abide by WordPress security best...

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