richard jones

Pave the Way to Better Customer Experience by Dismantling Internal Silos

Looking only at individual touchpoints rather than the overarching customer journey will only lead to a bumpy ride in the customer experience PHOTO: Robson Hatsukami Morgan We need to talk about silos. Recent research by my firm shows that more than two thirds of digital managers (68 percent) believe their organization’s internal structures are having a negative influence on the business’s ability to deliver effective customer journeys.  In another...

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How to Prep for a Headless CMS

Moving to a headless content management system requires more than technological change, you must also prep your people and adjust your strategy PHOTO: Jolene Thompson In today’s era of brand disloyalty, convenience and customer experience are the new differentiators. As people demand the information they need, where and when they want it, we’re seeing a major re-architecting of the web toward "push-based" delivery, where the content you...

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