roger luxton

Do Customer Journeys Get Marketers Where They Want to Go?

Business talk a big talk about customer journeys, but then doubts creep in. Here are four ways you might be sabotaging your customer journey programs PHOTO: elizabeth lies Companies still talk the big talk when it comes to building out fully automated customer journeys, but then doubt creeps in: is it worth the effort? Do customer journeys deliver the ROI you want?  We frequently see journey campaigns outperforming...

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How to Make One-Time Buyers Repeat Buyers

If a customer's first purchase is her only purchase, you're missing opportunities. However, if you focus on patterns and analytics, you can increase your number of repeat buyers. PHOTO: Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash After analyzing data for many businesses, one statistic has always struck me: the number of customers who’ve only purchased once.  Whether it’s for a retail product, travel, charity or financial services, it’s remarkable...

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