The Dirty Secret of the SaaS World: Customer Churn

PHOTO: Nik MacMillan We recently met with an early investor of ours, who shared with us an overriding concern he has with his SaaS portfolio companies — churn. He said to us, “churn is the dirty little secret in the SaaS world. If you could figure out how to reduce churn for SaaS companies that would be really valuable.”   My initial reaction...

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Boring (but Important) Topics for Developers to Watch in 2018

The boring bits are often the most helpful in getting work done. Here are a few areas to keep your eyes on in the year ahead PHOTO: anja. Admit it. We all love exciting and sexy technology. That’s why we stand up and take notice when someone talks about AI-controlled bots or quantum computing. Futuristic, sci-fi topics like these grab our attention and fuel our imagination. Unfortunately, this...

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SaaS Interface Design: Trends, & Best Practices for Designing a SaaS UI

Designing a SaaS product for the web is no easy task. It requires not just an idea, but a clear plan of how it’ll work and which features you’ll support. This also means a lot of UX planning from the early wireframing to detailed mockups. I’ve put together some common trends I see in SaaS websites and have compiled them all here with examples. I’m hoping these can offer some ideas and inspiration for...

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