sam marshall

2017 Contributors of the Year: Sam Marshall

Reading one of Sam Marshall's articles gives his readers an opportunity to step back and see the topic at hand in full: both the good and the bad. Marshall willingly gives praise when called for, but tempers any praise by noting where there's still room for improvement. As founder of ClearBox Consulting, Marshall works with businesses to improve internal communication and collaboration. While technology plays a major part in...

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Workplace Chatbots: Too Little, Too Soon?

Chatbots promise to deliver efficiencies and improvements in the workplace, but are we ready for them? PHOTO: Owen Miller on unsplash “The reaction to ELIZA showed me the enormously exaggerated attributions an audience is capable of making to a technology it does not understand” — MIT professor emiritus Joseph Weizenbaum on the first chatbot created in 1964 Workplace chatbots promise to lighten employees' repetitive tasks and...

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