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What people get wrong about keyword cannibalization

I loathe the term “keyword cannibalization.” The term reminds me of the arguments around one keyword per page. News flash — Pages rank for multiple keywords. According to a study by Ahrefs last year, the average page ranking number one also ranked for about 1,000 other relevant keywords. If your content is relevant enough, you can even have multiple pages show for the same keyword. If you’ve worked with an enterprise, you’ve likely...

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Do you have a shot at ranking for that phrase?

One of the first items you should consider in putting together an SEO plan is what keywords you should try to rank for. That’s very basic, right? But the world of SEO has become more complex. It’s not like you can simply decide you want to rank for a keyword, optimize some content on a page, get some links, and — presto! — you rank. That’s because how relevance to a...

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How to use long-tail keywords to build your short-tail rankings

If you have a relatively new or low-authority website, then you know how difficult it can be to rank for high-volume, short-tail keyword phrases. Heck, any competitive keyword can pose a challenge, even for well-established sites. I often hear experts talk about going after the low-hanging fruit of keywords. “Forget about the short tail,” they say. I agree that that going after the low-hanging fruit is a good strategy, but not at...

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