Still Sharing Documents via Outlook? How to Make the Switch to SharePoint

PHOTO: KristopherK In the digital workplace, having access to a tool doesn't always translate into taking full advantage of its power. This is often the case with SharePoint. A quick observation of companies with SharePoint implementations will show teams still relying on emails to share documents. Imagine how much time employees waste trying to find an attachment buried among hundreds of emails...

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How SharePoint Tasks Lists Can Help Break the Sticky Note Habit

Sometimes it's hard to break old habits. SharePoint Tasks Lists offers a way to break the bad habit of using sticky notes for project management. PHOTO: Michael Arrighi Look around your office. Do you see sticky notes hanging from desktops, laptops and white boards? It turns out the sticky note habit is a surprisingly hard one to break. Heavy users even stuff color-coded sticky notes into labeled boxes...

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