steffen maier

What Does Employee Experience Really Mean?

The term "employee experience" is coming up more and more frequently, but are we all talking about the same thing? PHOTO: Funk Dooby “Employee experience” is the latest buzzword that has gained recognition from the likes of Deloitte, Forbes, PwC and leading companies like Airbnb — and for good reason. A study by IBM and Globoforce (pdf) linked positive employee experiences to higher work performance, higher...

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Constructive Feedback Tips From a Former F-16 Pilot

F-16 pilots know that giving and taking feedback can be a matter of life and death. So how do we translate that to the business world? PHOTO: Ant Rozetsky Everyone knows feedback is essential to creating a top team. But many people, managers and employees alike, avoid feedback at all costs. Fear of feedback is common, because criticism, even constructive criticism, has the tendency to put people on the...

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The Manager’s Guide to Transparency in the Workplace

Creating a culture of transparency encourages trust, inspires productivity and more PHOTO: Alex Ivashenko on unsplash Valuing transparency in an organization is nothing new, but thanks to a radical restructuring of the work environment, the nature of the modern workplace has transformed. According to talent management company ClearCompany, companies where employees praise the high levels of trust and transparency in their workplace are most likely to have...

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