talent analytics

Separating the Real People Analytics From the Phonies

PHOTO: Indi Samarajiva Somewhere in the market, vendors are providing products that can track a company’s headcount, breaking the workforce down into groups or genders or by ethnicity. These applications are fine for what they can do: give the user data about differences such as those between the marketing and finance groups, including salary differentials.  But is this talent analytics? Heck, no....

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How People Analytics Helps Businesses Retain Top Talent

Talent analytics can help businesses pinpoint trouble areas so they can make adjustments before it's too late PHOTO: LinkedIn Sales Navigator With an unemployment rate at 4.1 percent, the U.S. labor market is becoming something akin to the Hunger Games for hiring firms. Competition for talent will be among companies’ top challenges this year — and not just because the labor market is...

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