tom petrocelli

Why I Hate Customer Service Chatbots

PHOTO: bebeplace My recent experiences with artificial intelligence-powered chatbots, especially those used for customer support, have left me feeling irritated rather than amazed — and I don't think I'm alone.  How do I hate chatbots? Let me count the ways:  Chatbots Want to Talk Your Ear Off If I chat with a human being, I can express complex issues and speak in...

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Boring (but Important) Topics for Developers to Watch in 2018

The boring bits are often the most helpful in getting work done. Here are a few areas to keep your eyes on in the year ahead PHOTO: anja. Admit it. We all love exciting and sexy technology. That’s why we stand up and take notice when someone talks about AI-controlled bots or quantum computing. Futuristic, sci-fi topics like these grab our attention and fuel our imagination. Unfortunately, this...

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Collaboration Diffusion Leads to Confusion

Sometimes an abundance of choice leads to paralysis. Such is the case with the collaboration software world today PHOTO: Mike Mozart It’s usually good to have choices. If the only food available was broccoli, a lot of people might starve (including me). Instead, we have more choices of what to eat than at any time in history.  Choice usually is progress. The same is true in...

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