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The Intelligent Workplace’s Promise and Pitfalls #DigWorkChat

PHOTO: Ida Kammerloch Artificial intelligence has been making its way into the workplace for a few years now, whether in the form of AI-driven search platforms, rudimentary chatbots or voice-enabled assistants. But with the promise of AI comes some caveats.  As much as we hear businesses proclaim the power of AI to augment employee effort, workers are wary of the potential loss...

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The Intelligent Workplace Tweet Jam #DigWorkChat

PHOTO: Franck Veschi When Boston Dynamics' robot dog opened a door you'd think the world had ended. AlphaGo handily defeated the number one ranked Go player in the world, Ke Jie. California will now allow self-driving cars on the roads without a human present.  As impressive as all these feats of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are, their implications for the...

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