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8 Considerations When Branding Your Chatbot

PHOTO: Shutterstock When interviewing potential new employees, you appraise them on multiple levels. Like how they present themselves, what they wear, how they speak and what they say. You ask yourself, “Can I work with this person?” Or more importantly, “Do I trust them representing our brand in customer-facing scenarios?" These same questions and concerns should apply when selecting and branding...

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A Good Chatbot Is Hard to Find

PHOTO: 수안 최 I am currently yelling in frustration at the chatbot on the website I am visiting, and it doesn’t seem to care. While I recognize that chatbots and conversation-driven marketing and sales platforms can be highly beneficial for B2B sales, they are a major source of frustration for the average B2C customer experience — because chatbots cannot establish relationships, display empathy,...

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