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16 Crucial Alexa Skills For Marketers

A majority of Alexa owners user their device to help them cook, check the weather, schedule alarms and control smart home devices, but as more companies and personalities invest in Alexa Skill production, marketers are beginning to reap the benefits. To help you hack your mornings and learn something new during those quiet moments in your home, here are sixteen awesome Alexa Skills for marketers. Marketing and branding...

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What Marketers Need to Know

Use of voice search and virtual assistants is on the rise. PHOTO: Shutterstock The age of IoT is upon us, and it seems as though we’re in constant anticipation of the next game-changing channel or device. From Alexa Skills in our living rooms to wifi-beaming kiosks in our streets, audio marketing, branding and customer support opportunities are sprouting up faster than you can say omnichannel experience. But...

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