WordPress freelancers

How to Vet & Hire a WordPress Subcontractor

Hiring a virtual assistant or multiple subcontractors can be one of the best decisions you can make for your WordPress business. They can take care of the tasks you aren’t well-versed in, or the tasks that require a disproportionate amount of time for the return they provide. Delegating tasks such as these frees up your time to focus on your most important, high-value tasks. Those who’ve successfully worked with virtual assistants...

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Finance Management Tips and Tools for WordPress Freelancers

It’s always exciting when a new year rolls around. So many new opportunities abound and, if last year’s analytics taught you anything, you’re about to have an even more profitable year of business if things keep up. But finance management as a WordPress freelancer is the pits. It’s just another task that distracts from your web development work. However, until you get to a point where you can scale your WordPress...

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