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How to Start Improving Digital Literacy in Your Workplace

PHOTO: John Schnobrich Where should organizations get started with digital literacy? What skills do they need to foster in the workforce? For practitioners trying to come to grips with the digital skills challenge inside the organization, it can be hard to know where to invest their efforts. In this post, I focus in on the key areas of digital skills that employees...

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A Look at the Top Workplace Tools by Adoption

PHOTO: Shutterstock We see lots of reports ranking hot enterprise software apps, some like the G2 Crowd’s are defined by great user reviews. Industry analyst Gartner evaluates based on two main criteria, the "ability to execute" and "completeness of vision." Forrester Research considers, "market presence", "strategy" and "current offering." As valuable as all of these reports are, they're missing one thing. That...

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