CB Profilemanager 2.2

CB Profilemanager 2.2

CB Profilemanager 2.2With PROMA you can take full control of your CB 1.2.1 profiles. PROMA is a component for individual controlling and customization of CB profiles. Admins are able to create as many different profile types as you want or need. For each profile type you have the possibility to do a multiplicity of customizations for the CB tabs and / or single CB fields. New users can choose their profile type before/during the CB registration.

Now Proma is also available with full access to source code and without ioncube encryption!

If admin has enabled the user control feature, users take full control of their profiles. The admin can define which customization and access control options are set for profile types user can handle infrontend. Same if admin control feature is enabled, than admin can handle everything.

Proma creates automatically different registration forms of all set profile types. Here are some examples of proma features:

Control CB tabs:

* assign tabs only to one or more profile types;
* Set positions and ordering, display types and access control of a tab for each profile type;
* choose different CB templates for different profiletypes;
* User can customize their profile. That means, the user has got the control of position, ordering, display type and access control of a tab;
* set options of tab positions, display types and control positions of a tab for a user are possible;
* and more…

Control CB fields:

* assign a CB field only to one or more different profile types;
* choose different ordering for one and the same CB field for different profile types;
* choose, if a field appears at registration, this can be different for the created profile;
* choose, if this field is required for different profile types or not;
* choose access control fields, the access can be different for the profile types;
* Users can change ordering and access of a CB field;

URL for the first login:

* Assign landing pages for the first login for profile types.

Joomla template switcher:

* Assign different Joomla templates to different profile types.

3rd party integrations:

* AEC payment gateway integration;
* Every profile type can be assigned to a Joomla, JACLPlus or JUGA user group.
* SEF compatibility;
* joomfish integration;

and more…


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