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CB Super Activity Profile Tab

| added AdsManager activities
| added HWD Video Share uploads, groups, favorites, votes, comments
COMMENTS ADD-ON PACK: Development almost finished, will be released in the next days!
If you want to bring your CB Profiles to life, the CB Super Activity Profile Tab is the best help you can get!

It loads any activities you choose, sort them in chronological order, and display them in a CB Profile Tab, in CB user-profiles.

Choices are:
1. Display user activity
2. Display user & friends
3. Display only friends
4. Don’t display for the logged in user (maybe somebody don’t want to see his activities in his profile when he is logged in)
All other choices are the same as the module

The CB plugin also gives to your users for the first time, the choices of:
1. Display my activity
2. Display my activity and my friend’s activity
3. Display only my friends activity
4. Style of tab (default & dark only for now)
5. Don’t display my activity
6. Number of activities to display
7. Show “you” instead of my name when I am viewing my activities
Also, the user has the choice to include/exclude basic activities (profilebook entries, logins, profile updates, new friendships)

You, as an admin, have the option to allow changes or not from users, if you want.

Currently included:
01. Latest Profilebook Entries
02. Latest PonyGallery Entries
03. Latest Logins to the site
04. Latest Updated Profiles
05. Latest RSGallery2 Uploads
06. Latest New Users Registered to the site
07. Latest Friendships (xxx is now friends with yyy)
08. Latest Eventlist Events
09. Latest Eventlist Registrations
10. Latest Groupjive Groups
11. Latest Groupjive Memberships
12. Latest Groupjive Bulletins
13. Latest JoomlaComments
14. Latest JomComments
15. Latest Media Player Additions
16. Latest ProfileGallery Uploads
17. Latest Seyret Videos
18. Latest “what r u doing” status updates
19. Latest MyBlog Entries
20. Latest Fireboard Entries
21. Latest Sobi2 Entries(support for Sobi2 clones too)
22. Latest Sobi2 reviews/votes (support for Sobi2 clones too)
23. Latest Remository Entries
24. Latest Remository Reviews
25. Latest Moset Tree Entries
26. Latest Moset Tree Reviews
27. Latest Moset Tree Votes
28. Latest DOCman Entries
29. JoomGallery activities (uploads, votes, and comments)
30. Avatar Updates
31. Kunena Forum Posts
32. JComments comments
33. SimGallery activities (uploads, tags, votes, and comments)
34. ParaInvite invitations
35. PU Arcade scores
36. JReviews
37. functionality for new ProfileBook-ProfileBlog-ProfileWall CB plugin
38. ChronoComments activities
39. HotOrNot activities
40. HWD Video Share uploads, groups, favorites, votes, comments
41. AdsManager activities

It will display in the most eye-catching way, the activities of your users.

Comes with a component, that includes the UNIQUE INNOVATIVE single-click-automatic-updating!