CBSubs – Subscription Extension for Joomla


CBSubs – Subscription Extension for Joomla

community builder joomla componentCBSubs simplifies building and maintaining your online community subscriptions and memberships. Whether you want member to pay for their memberships, purchase products or make donations, CB Subs is fully integrated with all Community Builder (CB) processes and work flows. From upgrades to mandatory memberships to multiple memberships, CBSubs helps monetize your site.

Joomla is the leading content management system (CMS) used by online businesses. CBSubs works natively with all flavors of Joomla to easily customize the communities on any Joomla site. With revolutionary features and a fast response to community demands, CBSubs quickly became the leading paid subscription system for Joomla. Both Community Builder and Joomla are free, open souce solutions that get you in business right away. CBSubs is an easy way to make your site more interactive.

CBSubs integrates all necessary features to manage social membership, sales and donations. Set a fixed donation amount, have a list of suggested values or have a free amount field with preset minimum and maximum donation amounts. Sell products and services online including downloadable electronic items. Combine purchases, subscriptions and donations in a single sale to make cross-sales simple. Never lose a sale with this winning component that eliminates the hassle of separate checkouts.

CBSubs offers extended registrations so you can add a variety of membership plan choices, merchandise sales and donations to the registration application. There are options to confirm both email and users before or after payment, which are all configurable by plan. Based on the plan, you can also control fields and tab availability based on the plan.

CBSubs has an extremely powerful backend to create unlimited plans of any type based on your constantly changing business needs. Create your own membership plans, payment gateways and accounts in accordance with your business goals. The CBSubs module displays membership, upgrade and renewal possibilities with direct links. The module can also randomly change ads to register, renew and upgrade membership plans.

With CBSubs, it’s a breeze to browse various subscriptions, payments, sales, merchandise sales and donations to gauge the progress of your site. Tailor your online campaigns based on popular response by tracking these essential stats. You can even draw your own statistics graphs to monitor membership movement.

All the front-end elements of CBSubs are language ready to be modified or translated as necessary. Give your website community international appeal when you talk in a languages all your visitors understand. You can also import membership and extend CB profile with CBSubs subscriptions.

Usability and accessibility were crucial concerns during the design and implementation of CBSubs. Countless usability tests were conducted to determine ease of use. Outputs are W3C compliant for CSS, Javascript and HTML. When processes are interrupted, users can catch up at the next logical step. If someone registers and does not pay, the payment process will be presented the next time that person logs in.

Effective interaction with your web community is essential to realize profits from your business. Let CBSubs simplify the process of adding memberships, merchandise and donations to your website so your business realizes the revenues it deserves.