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CK Forms

CKForms 1.3 is a new version of CKForms a Joomla 1.5 native component to generate Forms with fields without any development knowledge with the ability to save data in database and export to CVS format. Fields can be validated as text, number, date and email. A File upload field is available. Forms created can be backup and restored easily without database knowledge.
An HTML Editor is available and a Captcha code can be used to secure the forms. A plug-in and a module are available to display forms. Compatible with Joomfish.

Fix :
– Clean warning PHP messages
– Bug fix with the form published or not published
– Clean HTML code generated

New features:
– New module to display a form as module
– Joomfish configuration file for CKForms component
– Add E-mail receipt to the user submitting the form
– Add tips and custom error text to Captcha field
– Add read-only properies to fields
– Add fields separator
– improve CSS layout
– improve Javascript library integration (JQuery 1.3.2)

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