CMS Expo

CMS Expo

CMS includes a variety of flexible solutions to make your website more interactive. The annual CMS Expo features training on the latest CMS including Drupal, Alfresco, Joomla and Plone CMS Solutions. With 48 instructors participating in the CMS Expo, content managers learn ed how to save time and get the job done.

The power of CMS is multi-dimensional with greater flexibility. Webpreneurs and developers discover improved ways to create, maintain and edit websites by using a Content Management System (CMS). Content teams work quickly and easily together from any location by using a CMS. Use talent from all over the country or world rather than limiting yourself to local content candidates. The 2009 CMS Expo proved the power and possibilities of using a CMS and looks forward to making it even better in 2010.

The CMS Expo took place on April 29th and May 1st . Millions of newbies and old pros got down to business for two days of training with presentations about top CMS solutions. The pre-conference kicked off the CMS Expo including the “Ultimate CMS Challenge, CMS KickStart„ Sessions and CMS Higher Education.

Face-to-face training gave professionals the inside track on the latest trends including blogging, social media, editing, publishing and CMS solutions. New business connections were made and old ones were reinforced. Webpreneurs, designers, content creators and administrators are empowered after learning about the latest tools and ready to be profitable in a competitive online market.

The CMS Expo featured CMS solutions that are free, open source software anyone can use. Two full days of training included popular software solutions Alfresco, Joomla and Drupal. Two more sessions were given about Plone CMS. Programmers, art directors, writers, UI designers, writers and entrepreneurs learned how to bring it all together with the hottest content management trends and techniques.

Basic and Advanced Levels were offered so everyone had a chance to learn something new. Administrators learned about server set-up, software updates, security patches, database tricks, SaaS tips and more. Webpreneurs discovered the power of social networking and what works and doesn’t from other leading professionals. Content creators discovered how creativity makes content noticeable.

Developers explored the latest processes and tools from PHP basics to more advanced techniques.

The CMS Expo gathers the best talent from around the world to keep you updated on the latest developments in CMS solutions, web design and development. Professional networking and educational opportunities keep millions of the finest online business people looking forward to the CMS Expo to remain abreast of industry updates. Next year the CMS Expo promises to be an ever better learning experience for everyone.