Community Builder for Joomla!

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Community Builder for Joomla!

Are you ready to get your site social with Community Builder? Everyone is joining and creating their own social communities and forum. Online socializing is an excellent way to promote your website and make great connections. Community Builder has all the features to make your website social and get people activated and interactive.

If you haven’t harnessed the promotional power of social networking, you’re long overdue. Get your site social with Community Builder. Know the people in your community with extended registration to gather more data before you accept members. Additional user profile fields make it easier to know your members.

Key members can be chosen to become moderators in your social community. Moderators help govern actions such as new membership approvals, banning or unbanning certain profiles, handling reports and uploading avatars.

A social community is only as good as its active members. Get members going and connected with Community Builder. Interactions are easily enabled through membership lists, connecting to members, member searching, private messaging and email communications. When people get connected, they want to visit your social community more often to stay connected.

Add constantly updated content to your website by encouraging members to create content of their own. Personal blogs, image galleries, membership groups, forum integration and other Community Builder plug-ins make your social community more valuable to its members. When members can share their own content, it boosts your search engine rankings and gives them another good reason to return for more.

Users also get to customized their profiles and lists to be uniquely their own. Social community members get to know each other through posts, forum participation and their individual profiles. Community Builder gives members the tools to present themselves and their user data in an attractive, structured and unique way. The look and feel can be presented in the member’s own language.

Templates can be created and installed as Community Builder plug-ins for a one-of-a-kind site. Community Builder makes it easy for your site to grow big. It is stable and used for many busy sites with no impact on performance. Concurrent member interactions are no problem with database optimizations and performance audits made by experts to ensure operation of large sites.

Community Builder is free and open-source so you can get started right away. It works with content management systems such as Joomla 1.0X, Joomla 1.5X and Mambo. Community Builder enjoys an excellent security record. Free stable releases give you more opportunities to improve your site. You can make improvements and deployment with ease because Community Builder is licensed under the GPL version 2.

Extend the functionality of Community Builder with over 120 plugins available today. Easy installation and integration makes it simple to totally customize the online social experience. There is also a paid Community Builder membership for greater flexibility and expansion.

Social networking is one of the hottest ways to spread news and keep up with the competition. Get the word out about your business by building a social community on your site with easy-to-use Community Builder.