Content Slider Module to Display Joomla Articles

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Content Slider Module to Display Joomla Articles

The Content Slider Module allows you to display Joomla articles so that they slide on and off the page.

You can include images, text or anything that you could place inside a normal Joomla article.

Create Your Articles

In your Joomla administrator area, create your articles as you would normally.

One thing to note is that you will need a special Section and Category for these articles, so be sure to create a category called “Slider News”, “Headline News” or similar.

Download and Install Content Slider Module

Visit the Content Slider Module page on the Joomla Extensions Directory and click Download.

You’ll be taken to the extension developer’s website. Scroll down to the find the latest version which at the time of writing is Version 1.3. You’ll get a file on your desktop with a name very similar to

In the administrator area of your Joomla website, go to Extensions >> Install/Uninstall,…

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