Create A Wiki With TikiWiki

Create A Wiki With TikiWiki

A wiki is server software that gives users the ability to credit and edit web pages using any type of web browser. Many companies are using wikis for group communication, sharing information and marketing strategies. Gain access to a superior Groupware/Content Management system solution with TikiWiki.

Open editing is a simple, easy way to offer constantly updated content so your visitors keep coming back for more. As changes are made, new information becomes available in mere moments. Hyperlinks and crosslinks are supported so readers can view supporting web pages in an instant.

With TikiWiki, you have all the features you need at your fingertips. Create interactive Wikis like Wikipedia and do much more. Include a variety of communicative updates to your website including forums like phpBB, blogs like WordPress, articles like Digg, RSS feeds in and out, link directory like DMOZ, Bug Tracker like Bugzilla, image gallery like Flickr and multilingual like Babel Fish with free source software (LGPL).

The TikiWiki CMS is open source software for maximum usability and convenience. All the features you need and want to make your website dynamic are included in this all-purpose CMS. Have updated news articles. Attach a dynamic blog. Include polls for your visitors to express their opinions. Start a forum for your customers to interact and share ideas. Display image and file galleries. These features are readily accessible in one tightly bundled system.

Tiki also has fine-grained user and group permissions so you can easily give users access to exactly what they need. This user-friendly CMS is completely customizable so you can make your Tiki site your own. Their power templating engine is simple to use with Site Identity and Theme Control features.

Because the Tiki project partners with Open Source Software actors, they leverage technologies to partner with field leaders when the opportunity exists. This gives you even more ways to update your website to add more value for your visitors.

Tiki uses database abstraction which ensures compatibility with many different environments including MySQL. Currently Tiki is considered a leading CMS application because of its unique, diversified offerings. Tiki was already nominated for and received several awards by the software community in recognition of their superior CMS.

When you choose Tiki Wiki, you gain access to an active community with almost 300 developers and contributors to the code base. There are also over 12,000 registered users of Tiki so you are part of a growing community. Developers update the code with new features and fixes on the average of every two hours. This means there is continuing and active development.

The official Tiki documentation, which is actively maintained by the Tiki community, has more than 1,500 wiki pages along with a fully illustrated PDF. With TikiWiki hosting, you gain access to this valuable community to add your own constantly updated pages.

Encourage group communication and get the word out about your latest business offerings efficiently with the TikiWiki CMS. Reliable TikiWiki hosting ensures your website has the latest, greatest information available whenever your visitors want it.