Create Your Own Basecamp in Joomla!

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Create Your Own Basecamp in Joomla!

ProjectPraise - Create Your Own Basecamp

Imagine the possibilities when you create your own company intranet. ProjectPraise makes it a reality to create your own Basecamp in Joomla. With its companion ProjectFork theme, custom style parameters and all the possible Joomla extensions, your company intranet is comparable to Basecamp or other pricey online project management software.

JoomlaPraise is a group of designers and developers creating rich web experiences for over a decade. The founders of JoomlaPraise are the team from Pixel Praise. JoomlaPraise subscriptions including unlimited access to club and free templates and extensions. Members gain access to advice and answers to questions from Dr. Joom and the User Forums. You can use extensions and templates as much was you want with no charge for additional usage or removing links.

Choose a ProjectPraise light or dark template with 2 easy preconfigured themes. There are unlimited color possibilities for the personality and appearance you want. The companion ProjectFork theme inherits the custom parameters from the ProjectPraise template or can be independently used. Switch from light to dark with ease based on the season, content or mood.

Customization for total comfort is a cinch. ProjectPraise has the new Frontend Template Parameters Interface to make customizing a breeze. With the powerful ProjectFork features and any Joomla extension, you have the ability to set up a company intranet in less time than you thought possible.

Besides light and dark themes, change from square to rounded corners for the content areas, wrapper and all modules. You’re not cornered when it comes to corners with ProjectPraise because you can easily change from rounded to square. Switch from professional to informal depending on the nature of the content.

The sidebar orientation can be flipped to suit your needs and comfortability. The sidebar flips over from left to right. You also have have custom fixed or fluid width to change the overall width to a percentage or a pixel in mere moments.

Reading over content is easier when you choose the font family you like best. Select exactly the font you want with options including Courier New, Ariel, Verdana, Georgia and Times New Roman. Whichever popular font you prefer, ProjectPraise lets you update it quickly for a whole new look.

There are also four module styles for each theme to customize your look completely. Position the modules to create an eye-catching setup that makes sense. You can choose from all the necessary module positions for an organized and logical appearance.

Take note that ProjectFork and HTML Overrides are only available in Joomla 1.5x. This means you can’t use ProjectPraise in Joomla 1.0x. With Joomla 1.5x, you’re ready to take advantage of the myriad of features offered by ProjectFork to create your own Basecamp right away.

Creating your own Basecamp in Joomla doesn’t require any special knowledge or expertise with ProjectPraise. The templates and extensions are powerful yet simple so you can get started right away. Without spending money your business budget doesn’t have, create an impressive company intranet with ProjectPraise and reliable Joomla hosting.


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