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CushyCMS: A Simple and Free CMS

cushy cmsCushyCMS is a simple and free content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for almost anyone to produce content. No special programming skills are required to update your website and blog with CushyCMS.

A complicated CMS is time-consuming and frustrating. Web designers appreciate the simplicity of CushyCMS. Clients can safely edit content. There is no software to install and no programming is required to get started. It only takes a few minutes to setup and produces standards compliant, search engine friendly content. You also get to define exactly which part of the web page can be changed.

This free CMS offers superior versatility despite its ease of use. You define what is editable then Cushy takes care of everything else for you including text, images and HTML. It is quick to define the editable areas of your pages by using a few CSS classes and providing FTP details.

The need for training is eliminated because working with Cushy is so easy. There are no programming requirements or server requirements. Clients and content editors can effortlessly get to work without detailed instructions.

Cushy was developed with both web designers and content editors in mind for the simplest possible experience. It is so simple it takes only minutes for a web designer to implement this CMS with no ASP or PHP required. Anyone who is able to add CSS classes to HTML tags can implement Cushy CMS. With CushyCMS, no installation or maintenance is required.

So how exactly does CushyCMS work? It connect via FTP to your website, checking for specific CSS classes applied to web page elements. Based on the content, Cushy decides the best way of editing the content. Cushy edits any element when you assign a CSS class of cushycms to that portion of the document. Even if the element already has a class name, Cushy CMS can be applied.


You can also label fields to help editors determine which section they are editing. Images on a page are easily changed. Cushy assesses the height and width of image tags to intelligently resize the file to fit in the area. The actual uploaded image itself will not be resized, just its appearance on the page to make it fit properly.

Uploading files is easy via the Link and Image toolbar buttons. Files are temporarily stored on the Cushy server then transferred to site via FTP. The default setting publish these files to the same directory as the page. This default can be customized by using the Configure Site page.

Content types can even be overridden in CushyCMS. Based on the container element, Cushy chooses a logical method. Forcing content is done by editing content as plain text. Cushy can be used with dynamic languages such as ASP and PHP. Special characters are output in the UTF-8 format. Pro users also have special RSS feeds informing them of changes to their website and pages.

With CushyCMS, it is possible to edit almost any content. Instead of struggling to update web pages or spending endless hours training someone else, CushyCMS is a simple, streamlined way to get the job done.


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