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How to Deal With IoT Security Threats

The IoT's reach is expanding at a more rapid pace than security measures. Here are some tips to keep up PHOTO: AzureEyes on unsplash Depending on who you listen to, the Internet of Things (IoT) will reach either 26 billion or over 200 billion devices by 2020. Estimates of market size cover a similar spectrum, with experts predicting IoT will become a $1.9 trillion (Gartner), $7.1 trillion...

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Jahia Offers Salesforce Connector

Jahia released a connector to Salesforce aimed at helping customers improve digital experiences while remaining compliant with the GDPR PHOTO: shutterstock Geneva-based Jahia has released a bi-directional connector for Salesforce. Normally, the release of a connector is small change. This one, however, offers users ways of create superlative digital experiences from the Salesforce data. It also opens up the possibility of other connectors to customer data...

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