Designing a Website

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Designing a Website

When designing a website always keep in mind that the appearance of your web presence is vital to your success. The appearance of your web page will set the stage for your services and products to be weighed and judged. It is crucial that you present a professional appearance to your website visitors. A few things to keep in mind while designing your web site are as follows: Stick to your chosen color scheme. Use only two or three colors throughout the entire site. Do not make the mistake of changing the color scheme on every page. Make use of your computer’s built in templates or search for web site design companies who specialize in creating templates. Your web site navigation system should be simple to use & understood.

Visitors enjoy spending time on a web site which has easy to use navigation. Avoid the over use of special effects. Complicated animation and logos tend to slow your site down, which can lead to the premature exit of visitors who have no time for downloading slow sites. Nothing can be more of a turn off when it comes to web presence than not being able to clearly see the text & navigation links with an ill chosen background and text color. A good web master will be sure to have properly colored backgrounds and colors of text. This tip goes for the visibility of link colors as well. Speaking of links, learn the code for your external links to open into a separate window, this ensures that your visitor is not taken off your site onto another site.

Ensuring your visitors the ease of having a search feature and site map for finding what they want fast, is a very professional touch. Moreover, do not give navigation links at just the bottom of the web page, navigation links can also be added to the top and left side of your web presence pages. Concentrate on good info and the facts when writing your web content. Good solid web content will increase visitors coming onto your site, which is always good for business. Since most people listen to their own music if they choose to listen to music, do not add auto play while designing your web presence. Auto play music can be distracting to visitors.

Free hit counters and gaudy date stamps can lend in appearing as an unprofessional site, so try to stay from both of those type free programs. Think about how frustrating pop boxes up or under can be while trying to enjoy your online self or while searching for a particular item. Customers feel the same way; some customers just click that close box and never come back when they see your URL. In summary, when designing your website, give great thought to how it appears to others. Either visitor who were interested enough to come in search of your service or products can be enticed into buying. On the other hand, they can be very unimpressed that they run, and never return.