Boring (but Important) Topics for Developers to Watch in 2018

The boring bits are often the most helpful in getting work done. Here are a few areas to keep your eyes on in the year ahead PHOTO: anja. Admit it. We all love exciting and sexy technology. That’s why we stand up and take notice when someone talks about AI-controlled bots or quantum computing. Futuristic, sci-fi topics like these grab our attention and fuel our imagination. Unfortunately, this...

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Web Development Portfolio Tips: Ultimate Guide to Show Your Skills

Portfolio design articles usually focus on creating portfolios for visual designers. But web developers & programmers need portfolio sites too! Custom developers portfolios typically have varying trends for showcasing their work. It’s tough knowing where to start a new website but it helps if you can study others to get some ideas. That’s why I’ve organized this post full of dev portfolio ideas. It’s the perfect way to get started planning your...

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