Digital Advertising

Everything You Need to Know

Google, a company that has made a fortune from online advertising, now has an ad blocker built into its own Chrome browser.The internet giant wants to see fewer “annoying” ads on the web, and it’s taking some extreme measures to make that happen.This article will discuss Google’s plans for blocking ads on Chrome, and explain what you need to know about the recently devised Better Ads Standards.I’ll go over what...

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Google Lets Users Mute Repetitive Remarketing Ads

Google has updated its ads settings to let users mute ads they’ve seen too many times. This applies primarily to remarketing ads, such as those that encourage users to buy a product they’ve previously shown interest in.Google calls these “reminder” ads, and users can now mute reminder ads from specific advertisers when they become too repetitive.A new section within Google’s ads settings, called “Your reminder ads,” allows users to see...

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Google AdWords Introduces Ad Unit for In-Store Products

Google has announced plans to introduce local display ads for highlighting in-store products and sales.Unlike other Google ads, which typically spotlight products and services that can be ordered online, local display ads promote goods that can be acquired at brick and mortar locations.Rather than driving online traffic, the goal of local display ads is to drive more foot traffic.In order to run local display ads you must first have a...

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