digital asset management

Creating an Environment Built for Collaboration (Webinar)

A user adding a post and digital assets to a content management system PHOTO: Pixabay Customers demand instant interactions and marketers and their organizations need to produce content that’s up to a certain standard of quality, consistency and speed. Brian Kavanaugh, US marketing strategist at digital asset management (DAM) provider Bynder, shared those thoughts in a recent CMSWire-Bynder webinar entitled, “Beyond Marketing: CX-Driven DAM in 2018.” Marketers and...

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DAM: The Future of Content

DAM's role in the business is going through a transformation PHOTO: Alessio Lin “Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” — T.S. Eliot The future is already happening. Now is the time to focus on that future, to make the necessary plans for your digital assets, and to move in a proactive and productive manner toward true program management. You need to engage in digital asset...

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What it Will Take for Artificial Intelligence to Become Useful For DAM

Artificial intelligence has a ways to go before it can help DAM platforms with image recognition PHOTO: Samuel Zeller Digital asset management (DAM) vendors have started integrating their systems with one or more of the currently available artificial intelligence (AI) image-recognition API components. Vendors typically advertise these tools as complete automation solutions, which free users from ever having to manually enter image tags again.  When tested with generic...

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