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DocMan – Online Document Manager for Joomla

3671.pngDocMan is an easy-to-use, multi-faceted document management system (DMS) for Joomla 1.0 and 1.5. This open source component makes it possible to manage documents across a variety of categories and subcategories. You can also grant users permission to download, upload or edit documents.

A major benefit of using DocMan is the infinite categories and subcategories. Never search endlessly again because document can be organized according to custom categories and subcategories. Group documents together by subject, topic, client, date, reference or any other method you choose so you can find them when you need them.

Set up groups any way you want them with custom groups support. A group can be owned by a specific registered user for exclusive groups and info. Groups can also be owned by the groups registered users, all registered user or everybody who visits your website. This makes it possible to create groups for select members and reasons or to reach a large number of people based on your needs, preferences and desire for privacy.

DocMan storage preferences give you greater flexibility. Store your files locally or store them on a remote server. Another major convenience offered by DocMan is the download counter and log. The download counter can be displayed per document so you can see how often the doc was accessed. Further, all your downloads can be logged by date, hour, user, IP and browser. See exactly who downloaded which documents and when with DocMan.

Searching for documents is a breezes with your own search system that integrates with the Joomla content management system by using an optional mambot. Enter a description, name or both to find documents upon command. Customized searching means you can find what you want in a way that works best for you. Keep it simple so documents are right at your fingertips.

DocMan offers path protection so real paths to your documents never get displayed to users. Appreciate the benefit of an anti-leach system to avoid direct linking to documents. DocMan makes it easier to maintain the integrity of your site content and keep control over your important documents.

DocMan doesn’t restrict you with a single layout as every site has different needs. Thanks to custom themes, the DocMan layout can be changed for ease of use. Never worry about sticking to a particular layout because you can create the theme of your choice.

Effective document management means having full control over your documents. DocMan makes this possible. Decide whether you want to offer documents to visitors, paying customer, intranet users or registered users. Determine who is allowed to see content according to your specifications. Further, the powerful group permission feature allows you to select which users will gain access to specific documents. Customize your document content for groups, members, visitors, newbies and more.

Because document management is key to staying organized, DocMan is one of oldest and most popular extensions for Joomla around. DocMan makes it easy to get your documents in working order without spending endless hours or making a major investment.

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