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Drupal File Manager – Filedepot

One of the most frequent questions we’ve had in our Drupal training classes is … “Does Drupal have a good file manager?”. People were looking for common features in file managers such as the ability to obscure download links, keep files out of the main root folder.Our answer is Filedepot. Other solutions can be cobbled together from a wide variety of modules, but Filedepot is an advanced file manager right out of the box.

Installing FileDepot

You’re going to need just three modules to make FileDepot work:

Content Construction Kit

Go through the normal Drupal installation process for all three:

Download the files
Extract the files to a folder on your desktop
Upload the folders to your /sites/all/modules/ folder
Go to Administer >> Site Building >> Modules and enable the modules

Configuring Filedepot

Once you’ve enabled Filedepot, there will also be a configuration area in Administer >> Site configuration >> Filedepot…

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