DS Banner Slider

DS Banner Slider

Joomla – DS Banner Slider, Scroll your banner! So why do we need to create another banner slider, well we know there’s just so many banner slider out there that can do the tricks for you, but sometimes we would just love to use the banner component as a purpose of slideshow for simple use of unlink slideshow. Don’t get me wrong on this, this banner is as powerful as a lot of slider out there. For example there’s just endless parameter you can setup upon the back-end panel.

Here’s the list
Enable to multi-select Banner Clients in Selection Box
Enable to Set banner Limit
Enable to multi-select Banner Categories in Selection Box
Enable to select banner ordering

Enable to set Unique id for each banner, multi banner sliders on 1 page.

Enable to Hide/Show Banner Description
Enable to Change Description Font Color
Enable to Change Font Size
Enable to Position the Description Text
Enable to do Text Align

Enable to Hide/Show Banner Control
Enable to Hide/Show Previous and Next Button
Enable to Hide/Show First and Last Button
Enable to Hide/Show Number Indexing
Enable to Hide/Show Start and Stop Button

Enable to disable all banner links incase of slideshow purpose only.

This module was inspire by open-lab:Matteo Bicocchi, special thanks for his jquery mb.scrollable plugin, we had modify his code a bit and transform it into joomla modules.

Version 0.2b Bug Fix on jQuery conflict with mootools

0.3b (http://tny.hk/1c)
IE6 and IE7 display inline-block problem
IE6 and IE7 spacing problem

0.3.1b (http://tny.hk/1c)
IE6 Padding Problem
IE6 Display Problem
Description Display Not Aligning center

0.4b (http://tny.hk/1c)
Multi Client php error
Controller Transparent Setting

The Best Template to go with this module
DS Busuit (http://tny.hk/2l)


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