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emagus Phocaflow

The emagus Phocaflow module retrieves all Categories from your Phoca-Gallery and picks the first image out of each category as a cover (even if you unpublish that picture, so you can use a cover without displaying it in the actual category-view in Phoca-Gallery). It now shows a “Coverflow” of those Covers, similar to the one you have on your Ipod. Clicking on one of the covers, directly takes you to the corresponding Phoca-Gallery Category. This module is derived from the module Imageflow by joomlanook ( http://www.joomlanook.com ). Much credit to him for his great work!


Version 1.2, 19. July 2009:
made compatible with Phoca Gallery 2.5.x and later. Attention: Don’t use with older Versions of Phoca Gallery. If you want to use emagus Phocaflow with an older version of Phoca Gallery, use Phocaflow 1.1 instead.
some minor bugfixes

Version 1.1, 02. January 2009:
added function for processing URLs, which enables SEF ability