The Most Essential Factors That Make Up a Landing Page

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The Most Essential Factors That Make Up a Landing Page

Regardless of how great of a marketer, writer, designer, or developer you may be, your website will never convert 100% of visitors into leads. Why? Well, it’s because not all visitors are the same, and pleasing them all at once is simply impossible.

To increase the number of visitors into leads you need to increase your conversion rate by creating highly converting landing pages. Here’s a list of things to include on your landing page:

An Attractive Headline

You should never forget that the attention and interest of your customers is always developed from the page heading. As such, you should opt for a headline that has the ability to grab the customers’ attention. Ideally, it should be easy to understand and read. It should also be short, while informing the customers what the service or product is all about. Needless to say, the most crucial part of a landing page is the headline, mainly because it is the first thing people notice.

A Persuasive Subtitle

In case you believe that a proper headline would be enough for the landing page, you are simply wrong. Why so? Because if the headline is grabbing the visitors’ attention, there needs to be a secondary headline (subtitle) which makes them stay on the page. Keep in mind that the headline alone can’t convince the customers to purchase your services or products, which is why you need a persuasive subtitle to go along with it.


As you may or may not know, images are capable of attracting the visitors’ attention much quicker as compared to content. Therefore, while you are designing your landing page, try to include a few relevant images. Do remember that the picture needs to speak about the service or product. Also, it should be larger so that it is easily able to grab the visitors’ attention.


The landing pages which fail the most are the ones that don’t explain what the service or product is all about. Once the readers find your product, they need to know what it is about, which is why including a brief description or explanation certainly doesn’t hurt. The product or service must be described properly, otherwise the visitors might never understand what you are exactly offering.

Entry Form

The landing page will always remain incomplete if it doesn’t have an entry form. The form should be short and sweet, asking only what is required from the visitors. If it’s too long, the visitors might not find it worthy of their time and move on, and the whole purpose of your landing page will be defeated.