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Feed2PostFeed2Post, the ultimate time saving tool. Feed2post allows you to get content in minutes from any RSS/Atom feed and repeat the content gathering with just a few clicks. It will also improve your page SEO as it can filter the content using keywords and negative keywords. Items posted can get advertising inserted automatically, no more editing to get your google ads into each post, just set the advertising field to your ad code…
Fully configurable, each feed can be configured with different parameters (such as section/category, etc).

New! Feed2post version 2.7.6 Native component for Joomla 1.5 framework.

Demo site available only for j1.5 component, j1.0 discontinued.

Demo for joomla 1.5 component, check it at demo2.elcansoftware.com with the same access credentials as stated above.

Feed2post component version 2.7.5 for Joomla 1.5.X branch.
Also available Cronjob to make automated fetches.

New items:
* Truncate intro text for long feeds into a selected amount of characters, doesn’t cut html tags or words.
* Ignore posts with less than X characters.
* Tooltips for every option
* Iframe format selectable, more “wrapper like”.
* Remove all html tags option
* Change the “More” link into whatever text you want, per source basis.
* Post selected sources, similar to post all but only posts the ones you select on the sources list.
* Parser Updated to the Latest release.
* Multiple URL’s per source
* Keywords fields are bigger now.
* Configurable by feed auto-unpublish.
* Front page publishing configurable by feed.
* Configurable use of CURL instead of FSOCKOPEN for some hosting servers that don’t allow fsockopen.
* Configurable advertising
* Configurable link back
* Configurable character translation (needs iconv support on the hosting server) (UTF-8 support for joomla 1.5, except for keywords)
* New “check all” checkbox on feed items list.
* New “Post All” button to post all feed items on all lists
* Postings without repeating a news (by checking the title)
* Configurable user as news creator by feed.
* Configurable full text fetch on feeds that support it.
* Configurable delay for publishing an item after posting it.
* Compatible with Joomla 1.5 with legacy plugin enabled / Native version available.
* Based on simplepie parser, with great handling of foreign character coding.
* Configurable posting of original date
* Negative keywords, if one keyword from this list is found, the post is ignored.
* Creation date gathered from the feed (optional)
* You can cut the article at any tag by using the cut tag parameter at feed configuration
* Links inside the feed content are opened into a new window and set with nofollow to improve SEO
* Feed url listing can be sorted by clicking the sort options.
* Expiration for each article posted can range from 7 days to 1 year (in predefined steps, selected from a pull down).
* Duplicate avoidance selectable (very useful for SEO purpos

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