Flickr slideshow plug-in

Flickr slideshow plug-in

Flickr slideshow plug-inThe Flickr Slideshow plug-in is a native Joomla 1.6 plugin to display photo’s and video’s from your Flickr account on your website using a simple expression like:

[flickr photo=]

The plugin supports various ways of displaying media on flickr:
– Single photo’s (photo=)
– Sets (set=)
– Video’s (video=)
– User photostreams (user=)
– Group pools (group=)
– Tags (tag=” “)

And more! Please visit the website for a full overview of the attributes and further instructions on how to use the plugin.

To display the photo’s, the plugin currently supports 2 slideshows:
See the website for demo’s on both slideshows.

Always wanted to display photo’s on your website that you have set to private on Flickr (e.g. “Only You”, “Friends”, “Family”)? The plugin supports displaying these photo’s as well. This feature can be enabled in 2 simple steps:

1) Enter the call back URL in your Authentication flow at Flickr. The call back URL can be acquired by the expression: [flickr install=callbackurl]

2)Next to entering the Flickr username, API key and secret key (can be acquired at the Flickr website), enter the Flickr authentication token in the plugin Basic options. The authentication token can be acquired by the expression: [flickr install=authenticate].

A manual elaborating on this issue will be available on the website shortly.

P.S. I have very limited time to develop the plugin, hence I cannot give extended support. (however Most of the time the plugin should be installing and working without problems) If anyone want’s to take development over, please let me know.

Note: The plugin is released under GPL. However, it still comes with 3rd party software that is released under other licenses.

(read full article on source site)