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foobla RSS Feed Creator

(aka: jLord RSS Feed Creator) Create unlimited number of RSS Feeds for your Joomla site with add-ons support (VirtueMart, Jobline, EventList, DocMan,…)


* Joomla news portal site with a lot of news sections and categories, and you want to offer RSS Feeds to your visitor.
* You want to provide feed for the rest of articles, as much as you want, not just Frontpage articles.
* You want to provide feed for multilingual site.
* …


# Design for Joomla 1.5 Native Mode.
# Easy to implement, One-click Installation package: 01 component (backend & frontend) + 01 plugin + 01 module.
# Create unlimited RSS Feed for your Joomla 1.5 site.
# Included NON Front-Page articles in the feed.
# Easy to put the rest of content articles into the feed.
# Easy to get feed for section(s), category(s) or for the rest of content articles, up to your needs.
# Auto create RSS feed(s) on the RSS icon inside the address bar on the browser.
# Written in MVC pattern and open the source code, and it’s easy to custom.
# NOW! JoomFish support (from
# NOW! SEF support (from Friendly URL for Feed, something like:
# RSS Feeds article plugin, you can add feed button inside the article by a nice plugin.
# Express Install Tools in backend.
# Make RSS page on frontend looks like CNET, CNN, BBC.
# Addons support (weblinks, contacts, banners, polls, VirtueMart, Jobline, EventList,…). Note: VirtueMart, Jobline, EventList addons don’t include in this package.
# One-Click upgrade to newer version.
# Language TEXT manager include.
* Plugin feature: able to get source from another extensions, i.e: RSGallery (new images), Community Builder (new users), EventList (new events), VirtueMart (new products)… we will be able to install/uninstall plugins.
* Express Install Tools in backend.
* One-click Auto Upgrade to latest version.
* Optimize the frontend component: more options, Livemark icon in the component,… Make it looks like CNET, CNN, BBC.
* SEF support (friendly feed URL)
* rss feeds article plugin: we will able to add feed button inside the article by a nice plugin.
* fix multiple languages problem, we will provide more language package.
* words limit in feed content.

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