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Free Joomla Template – Optimus

Optimus Joomla Template

Looking for a Professional Grade Free Joomla Template for 1.5? Optimus is a Joomla 1.5 native templateJoomla designed with special attention to Joomla typography & Joomla usability. Optimus is easy on the eyes and intuitive to navigate – A great template for small and medium sized sites. It’s packed full of features and you can download it free of charge!

Features List

  • Joomla CSS Suckerfish Menu System Pro Feature
  • Enhanced Typography Styles
  • Integrated Typeface Selector Serif Typeface | Sans-Serif Typeface
  • Graphic or Text Header Option with Joomla SEO Enhancements
  • Dynamic Header Scaling & Sizing
  • Integrated Support for transparent PNG images
  • 5 Module Positions Pro Feature – 11 Module Positions
  • 4 Module Styles
  • Parameterized Template Widths Fixed 1024 | Fixed 800 | Fluid
  • Graphic Source Files Pro Feature
  • 5 Color Packs Pro Feature
  • Backend Custom Column Widths Parameter
  • Pro Expansion Pack Available

*Pro Features:
This is a Joomla free template, however there are some features marked above which can be purchased separately. This allows you to “try” the template prior to purchasing.

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