Frenzy! Bulletin Board

Frenzy! Bulletin Board

A lot of effort has now gone into F!BB it is nearly stable so we need all the testers we can get to make it a great stable Joomla forum, in terms of feature as the list below shows, it has a lot to offer. You wont be disapointed!

Most recent version 1.5.96 RC

Please use this url while The new vps is moved

New in 1.5.89a
New for 1.589a
-F!BB can create feed for single messages
-F!BB can create feed for categories
-F!BB can create feed for users contribution
-As well as the default style, RSS used RSS 2.0 and uses plain HTML
-All RSS options selectable in the backend comfit
-Bugs with the category burl have now been fixed.
-Bug with ranks not ranking up fixed
-Query removed from the message loop will now only run once
-Other bug fixes include.
And not forgetting another new feature, which is the most online users ever, does exactly what it says, and shows the most users online.

New in 1.5.89x
-The re-order bug is now fixed to name one of the more serious bugs
-Errors within forum fixed
-PHP 4 compatibility fixed thanks Sphinnxx
-Category images fixed for all settings
-Profile integrations bugs fixed. Selecting a F!BB profile would then select the avatar from F!BB instead of the chosen setting
-Image bug fixed, images will now show, but local images will not show though still
-Link either to a forum category or burl
Added announcement to recent pages, so announcement will show on this page at the top.

-View single thread
-Bug with profiles fixed
-Recommended Messages can be created. Appear at the top of the page similar to a sticky
-Group images fixed and now show
-Full PMS integration JAM, uddeIM, pms enhanced , Jomsocial and others. Number of unread PM’s can show in the profile area.
-Broken signature fixed
-Fixed view type
-Go to page would not go to the correct page after around 7 pages have been reached.
-On Default ex page time was the same for both first message and last message
-Multiple file and image uploads is now possible can be set via config
-Spoiler tag is back and works through text and background being black, similar to vbb
-Bug fix – File attach renders correctly thanks to the new easy to use parser
-Bug fix – 406 Errors should now be gone ie redirecting on karma + or –
-Bug fix – Ajax posting now renders message correctly and time of message is also correct

-New become parser
-More bug fixes
-Performance Increases

1.5.6 Beta
-Full Jomsocial Integration
-Bugs fix to improve overall stability.
-Aesthetic changes
-Forum tools can be set on a timer to close
-Poll can be disabled
-Quote message from thread history, when posting new message
-Other features improved

1.5.5 Beta
-Bugs fix to improve overall stability.
-Language files now supported, and are user selectable, through front-end user params.
-Template fixes

-Message Management
-User Ban Management
-Group M


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